Wednesday, November 12, 2014

In honor of the Silverbacks Rally: Why I don't take the Silverbacks Alliance's Claims Seriously

Originally posted on Roon*. As I look at the rise of this “Save the Silverbacks” movement, there are a few things that raise up some red flags for me.

The first is the obvious one: why is this movement so focused on keeping the Silverbacks“in NASL” (sometimes), when Boris Jerkunica is not only the owner of the name and Silverbacks Park, but has already told news sources he has no intention of selling them?
And another question: why is this movement appealing to the league to “save the Silverbacks”, without clearly demonstrating their support for any league moves that involve saving top-tier soccer in Atlanta? In fact, why have they made the Silverbacks (as in the “not for sale” Silverbacks, as in the “we were voting on the name two years ago” Silverbacks) name so central to the argument? Why put out an ambiguous statement like this?
Finally, why are Terminus Legion, a group formed specifically to support Atlanta’s MLS franchise, suddenly jumping on this “save the Silverbacks” bandwagon? Have they suddenly changed their minds, even though Atlanta’s attendance hit record lows after the Atlanta MLS announcement? Are they repentant now? Did they realize they’d have no pro soccer until 2017? Yeah? Sounds good, right?
Let me offer another, less dramatic possibility. The Silverbacks dropping to USL Pro next year would likely mean a drop-off in interest with the surge in interest in NASL. These folks realize that without an MLS team, and with possible counter investment in Atlanta, a USL-Pro Silverbacks would draw far fewer people.
In short, cynical me says this could well be a long con to get NASL supporters to consider a USL-Pro move– likely what was going to happen anyway, based on the above article– to be “saving the Silverbacks”.
In fact, what it really means is “screwing over Atlanta pro soccer”.
And maybe, just maybe we need to stop putting a happy face on it– and start asking the man who has the answers some pointed questions, the one man who’s had “no comment” in this mass insurgency of Silverbacks love– Boris Jerkunica. It’s fair to ask him what his plans are.
And if he doesn’t want to answer, it’s fair to assume, based on his own words, “saving the Silverbacks” in MLS' minor league are part of them.
And if that’s the case, don’t count on me to support it.
*which won't happen again because, well, Roon is incredibly limited & kind of awful and I can't remove that awful shade of salmon pink from the links for some reason.

Wakey wakey!

#SoccerWar is back. We tried to merge #BiggerSoccer into AmericanSoccerFuture and then tried to put #SoccerWar there but unfortunately, it's all been lost in the shuffle. Dejected  over so many constant losses, I suddenly realized the original #SoccerWar blog had survived!

So here we are again, rebuilding. Today I got a cheapo headset (with surprisingly good audio) and we will bring back the war for the soccer. Because it's already on.

And we've been tweeting about.


So this must be fixed to restore cosmic balance.

(Yeah, I'll finally put up real show descriptions.)


Monday, May 19, 2014

A Friendly Lunchtime Chat About MLS Expansion... And #SoccerWar (BRIAN BARRISH)

Today's #SoccerWar is going to be different.

Brian Barrish is a Son of Ben. (He also runs a podcast and edits for The Soccer Desk but that's only partially sort of relevant. Ok, that is too.) For those who don't know, the Sons of Ben pushed MLS hard for a franchise and made it happen in Philly.

So when we talk MLS expansion, they understand it from the inside.

How is it going to go? I don't know! But I do know it's going to be -- interesting.

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TEDPOCALYPSE!!!!!!!!!!! Recap

Well, Friday's Lunch and Soccer was explosive.

The 32-minute segment began with a brief introduction to Ted Westervelt and, a quick exploration of where we are in #SoccerWar, and why promotion and relegation would be useful.

Then Eric came in at the 16th minute and there was some serious banter between the two. Finally we wrapped up with a surprise call-in from Roger Ferrer of the United States Association Football Leagues.

Both Ted and Roger want to do a sequel or expanded episode; discussions are pending. As always, the music is by Radio Nowhere.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Challenge the Soccer Media: GUEST- BEN FAST

The Tuesday Eps of Lunch and Soccer War, where we talk-- #SoccerWar! Today's Lunch Guest is Amateur player, youth coach, & American soccer fan Ben Fast, whose goal is to replace certain U.S. soccer TV and radio commentators & pundits one day.

And if we have anything to do with it, we're gonna help him do it ;)

Intro and background music by Radio Nowhere. Follow on Twitter @radionowhere or go to

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Friday, May 9, 2014

If you missed today's #SoccerWar...'ll actually hear the whole show and its uncomfortable ending if you download or stream it.

See-- BTR (for now) only allows us 30 minute episodes. So live callers were shocked as Eric, yours truly and Alexis Guerrero were still arguing when the livestream went dead.

It sort of looked like this fight except we were in a radio show
and were in separate locales.

As always, click the picture to hear #SoccerWarNYC. (Perhaps... part I.)

Also, Alexis didn't get a chance to mention headlining the comedy series Party Illuminati in NYC tomorrow as he had originally planned so follow or message @NotAlexis for more details.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Soccer War #4: Moving to BlogTalkRadio

Update: We've got the embedding set up, dozens of hits, and Eric sounds primed to become our current co-host!

All this before TedPocalypse!

Wow. Sleepy.

Anyway, we've moved to BlogTalkRadio, and we'll be building up our site a bit more over the weekend.

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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Guesting on @TheTailgateShow, and tomorrow we go to @BlogTalkRadio

So was on The Tailgate Show yesterday; as always, it got crazy, and I think Mark Anderson hates me now because I said something about David Beckham, who as we know is the greatest footballer in history except for Pele and Maradona and probably Messi and Rooney for the modern era and a couple others. Anyway, we're moving to BlogTalkRadio because frankly, too many complaints.

And we're moving to lunch again, because dinner doesn't work.


And let's not forget....

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

We are Lunch & Soccer War from Now On, and more!

Well, after polling the crowd and a weak-sauce Tuesday night ep, it's official. We ain't doing anymore night shows for the forseeable future.

Few other changes: Lunch & Soccer War will be a half-hour show, modified based on schedule and guests. Due to constant repetitive problems with live call-ins on TalkShoe, we'll be moving it BlogTalkRadio. And finally, we're going to do something about this audio quality with our official music.

Deacon'll also be on The Tailgate Show this Thursday talking CONCACAF's deal with Traffic, because, well, he's an expert on these things. In his mind.

Talk to you Friday!

Monday, April 28, 2014

DINNER & Soccer War: Tuesday 7:00 PM

Why dinner and soccer war? Why not? Does this mean there'll be BREAKFAST and soccer war? Probably not. I wake up a little late.

Here's the ad. Click to get to the episode. I may have a co-host who may be a guy in a certain green and white supporters group whose Twitter handle may rhyme with "Viva Ahem". ;)

 Soccer War

Main Topics:

  • 2 new MLS franchises struggling?
  • Can NASL Live be saved?
  • Sac Republic & fudged numbers