Wednesday, April 30, 2014

We are Lunch & Soccer War from Now On, and more!

Well, after polling the crowd and a weak-sauce Tuesday night ep, it's official. We ain't doing anymore night shows for the forseeable future.

Few other changes: Lunch & Soccer War will be a half-hour show, modified based on schedule and guests. Due to constant repetitive problems with live call-ins on TalkShoe, we'll be moving it BlogTalkRadio. And finally, we're going to do something about this audio quality with our official music.

Deacon'll also be on The Tailgate Show this Thursday talking CONCACAF's deal with Traffic, because, well, he's an expert on these things. In his mind.

Talk to you Friday!

Monday, April 28, 2014

DINNER & Soccer War: Tuesday 7:00 PM

Why dinner and soccer war? Why not? Does this mean there'll be BREAKFAST and soccer war? Probably not. I wake up a little late.

Here's the ad. Click to get to the episode. I may have a co-host who may be a guy in a certain green and white supporters group whose Twitter handle may rhyme with "Viva Ahem". ;)

 Soccer War

Main Topics:

  • 2 new MLS franchises struggling?
  • Can NASL Live be saved?
  • Sac Republic & fudged numbers