Wednesday, November 12, 2014

In honor of the Silverbacks Rally: Why I don't take the Silverbacks Alliance's Claims Seriously

Originally posted on Roon*. As I look at the rise of this “Save the Silverbacks” movement, there are a few things that raise up some red flags for me.

The first is the obvious one: why is this movement so focused on keeping the Silverbacks“in NASL” (sometimes), when Boris Jerkunica is not only the owner of the name and Silverbacks Park, but has already told news sources he has no intention of selling them?
And another question: why is this movement appealing to the league to “save the Silverbacks”, without clearly demonstrating their support for any league moves that involve saving top-tier soccer in Atlanta? In fact, why have they made the Silverbacks (as in the “not for sale” Silverbacks, as in the “we were voting on the name two years ago” Silverbacks) name so central to the argument? Why put out an ambiguous statement like this?
Finally, why are Terminus Legion, a group formed specifically to support Atlanta’s MLS franchise, suddenly jumping on this “save the Silverbacks” bandwagon? Have they suddenly changed their minds, even though Atlanta’s attendance hit record lows after the Atlanta MLS announcement? Are they repentant now? Did they realize they’d have no pro soccer until 2017? Yeah? Sounds good, right?
Let me offer another, less dramatic possibility. The Silverbacks dropping to USL Pro next year would likely mean a drop-off in interest with the surge in interest in NASL. These folks realize that without an MLS team, and with possible counter investment in Atlanta, a USL-Pro Silverbacks would draw far fewer people.
In short, cynical me says this could well be a long con to get NASL supporters to consider a USL-Pro move– likely what was going to happen anyway, based on the above article– to be “saving the Silverbacks”.
In fact, what it really means is “screwing over Atlanta pro soccer”.
And maybe, just maybe we need to stop putting a happy face on it– and start asking the man who has the answers some pointed questions, the one man who’s had “no comment” in this mass insurgency of Silverbacks love– Boris Jerkunica. It’s fair to ask him what his plans are.
And if he doesn’t want to answer, it’s fair to assume, based on his own words, “saving the Silverbacks” in MLS' minor league are part of them.
And if that’s the case, don’t count on me to support it.
*which won't happen again because, well, Roon is incredibly limited & kind of awful and I can't remove that awful shade of salmon pink from the links for some reason.

Wakey wakey!

#SoccerWar is back. We tried to merge #BiggerSoccer into AmericanSoccerFuture and then tried to put #SoccerWar there but unfortunately, it's all been lost in the shuffle. Dejected  over so many constant losses, I suddenly realized the original #SoccerWar blog had survived!

So here we are again, rebuilding. Today I got a cheapo headset (with surprisingly good audio) and we will bring back the war for the soccer. Because it's already on.

And we've been tweeting about.


So this must be fixed to restore cosmic balance.

(Yeah, I'll finally put up real show descriptions.)